Who We Are?

Differentiated by ethics, innovation,
knowledge and experience

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Adjecti Solutions, a global technology services and consulting firm, focusing on providing IT solutions around Digital Experience, Big Data & Search Platforms.

Differentiated by ethics, innovation, knowledge and experience; believing in delivering value with quality ensured and improving continuously through adopting wisdom.

Our intent is not just selling the business solutions to customers, but ensuring the seemless continuity with value added services for longivity.

What we do

Adopting a maturity model to help organizations achieving their digital goals.

We enable organizations to create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every channel touch point, providing new opportunities for growth & success in these evolving digital platforms that consists of core digital technologies on which extensible an platform can be built to meet business needs, enabling innovation.

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Digital Experience

Delivering omni-channel websites, portals, apps and personalized customer journeys.

Data & Intelligence

Capitalising how big data could transform intelligence analysis.

Search & InsightsSearch & Insights

Search & Insights

Unlocking hidden insights from unstructured and structured data.

Research & Innovation

Reducing criticality of hidden technology challenges.

Area of Expertise

Industry Verticals

Banking & Insurance

Banking & Insurance

Empowering through delighted customer experience.

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Realizing process automation impact through global IT vision.

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Platform for citizen, government and governance together.

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Better learning, better interaction, better future through technology.

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System engineering in infrastructure operation and control.

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Our Process

We're passionate
about what we do.

With over 10+ years of combined industry experience, we believe in delivering an outstanding level of customer service, which is a result of us being truly.

Our Process


Make solutions very usable yet simple, straight and cost effective.



Industry standard and best-in-class processes that aims at improving business performance.



Products provide out-of-the box features and industry-specific modular applications with pre-built use cases.


Technologies Specialization

Focusing on delivering enterprise solutions around Digital Experience Platforms, Big Data, Machine Learning,
Business Intelligence & Analytics, Search and Middle-ware Implementations.

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