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Jet Form - Power

Annotate and power your entities, build your application in minutes.

For every business applications a significant effort is utilized in development of data input interfaces, validations, storing and retrieval of data. Most of the content management or DXP platforms provide meta-forms with definitions and the input data are stored as content in the underlying content management system or write to a customized storage via remote services or data adapter. But for delivering a full-fledged business application, meta-forms will not meet the purpose.

Jet Form is an accelerator for developing the business application really fast by autamating data input interfaces, validations, storing and retrieval just by adding few lines of annotation to your entities or entity wrappers. The entities can be automatically processed with workflow and searhable and many more. Thus the developer can only focus on the business processes.

Jet Form
Jet Form Features

Accelerating Rapid Application Development

Break Down Silos

Automated Entity Forms

Once the entity classes are created, the form can be generated by default from the entity models. The custom and complex forms can be created with many rich features and templates by annotated form definitions.

Personalize Experiences

Workflow Support

Entities can be bound with multiple workflows based on the form definition. Multiple work definitions can be associated with one entity class and workflow process can be defined using Drools or Groovy rules engine or standard Java.

Personalize Experiences

Search Support

Entities can be searchable by default by enabling the search in form definition. The attributes to support search and types search to be defined in the entity forms. Jetform automatically creates the search handler for the searcheable entities

Supported Platform/Technologies

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