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Delivering personalized, one-to-one experiences to your customers with Jahia DX

Jahia is the only true Digital Experience Platform (DXP) available on the market. Built to act as the backbone for your marketing technology stack, Jahia combines customer data with content management so you can deliver personalized, one-to-one experiences to your customers. Thanks to its flexible architecture, integration capabilities, and cloud infrastructure, Jahia’s platform will scale as you grow.

With Jahia DX, we build tailored solutions to solve the challenges faced by enterprises. We take care of everything right from design to development to maintenance. We ensure that we make the best use of what Liferay platform offers and build out-of-the-box solutions.

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Deliver Digital Experiences at Scale with Jahia DX

360° Customer View

Connect every customer data silo from across your digital ecosystem in one place and access them via a simple, easy-to-use dashboard. Data is updated and consolidated in real-time, ensuring you always have the most comprehensive, up-to-date view of your customers and what they’re doing.


Speak directly to your prospects by using the data you gather. Plug your customer data back into your DXP to create content based on each customer’s individual journey. Then further optimize each piece of content with A/B testing, real-time analytics, and more, guaranteeing the digital experience always remains fresh and engaging.


From analytics to CRM, marketing automation, and more, your customer data can be pulled into Jahia. And with over 400 connectors to choose from, all from a single drag-and-drop solution, you can integrate your entire martech stack in record time.

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Delivering personalized customer journeys powered by data.

We help in building incredible digital experiences with Jahia DX

Consulting & Development

Our Jahia development team with a rich experience in Jahia DX platform consulting and development. We assist businesses in streamlining their processes, reducing the significant time for developing content assets, and speeding up the development cycle with pre-tested components. Leverage our consulting expertise for seamless content delivery across multiple channels.

Migration & Upgrade

With number of Migration & Upgrade project experiences in Jahia DX, which encompass the migration of content, applications, and digital assets from the existing CMS platforms to Jahia DX. Till date, we have successfully handled numerous complex migrations from platforms such as SharePoint, Drupal, Sitecore. We assist you with the upgrade of the Jahia DX from an older to newer version too.

Team Augmentation

Connect with us to get an extended arm for your Jahia DX consulting, development, implementation, integration, migration or upgrade projects with a team augmentation model. We help you augment your team with talented Jahia DX specialists using an outsourced development model. You get the benefit of flexibility as the teams can be scaled according to your evolving needs.


With our hands-on experience of working for brands and companies in integrating Jahia DX with third-party systems such as Marketo and Salesforce, we emerge as reliable partners. We also offer expertise in Jahia DX integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud tools. This integration empowers marketers to launch and run campaigns effectively across multiple channels.


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